Hamilco Colored Scrapbook Cardstock Paper 4x6 Card Stock Paper 65 lb Cover 100 Pack (Punch Red)

Hamilco Colored Scrapbook Cardstock Paper 4x6 Card Stock Paper 65 lb Cover 100 Pack (Punch Red)

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Perfect Cardstock Creations – Perfect Results Every Time!

With Hamilco Punch Red 4x6 Scrapbook Cardstock Papers!

We know… the cardstock paper options out there, There are so many that finding the one that suits your needs can be tricky.

So, if you are opting for …

…detailed pictures and true color reproduction.

… excellent printing performances.

… more papers with less money.

The Hamilco cardstock 4x6 Punch Red scrapbook paper 100 pack is the way to go. See? There is no need to search anymore! You are all set.

Enjoy The Smoothest Finish!

Touch the cardstock and feel its smooth, thick, and plush surface. Imagine all the pictures, quotes, inspirational lines printed on the sheets. Surprise your family and guests the next time they come over. Ideal for both personal and professional use.

Perfect for decorative cards, business and report cards,

  • SMOOTH COLORED CARDSTOCK PAPER: Create the most beautiful cards with this acid free, made in USA, flat card stock, Punch Red – 4" x 6", 65 lb cover cardstock, 176 GSM
  • VIBRANT PRINTS - COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE CARD PRINTERS: your cards will look professional with the most vibrant and attractive colors. Ideal for Laser, Inkjet and Copier printing. Dimensions: 4” x 6”, 100 pack
  • ELITE BOX PACKAGING: Your new, thick card stock paper is shrink-wrapped and packed in a sturdy box to ensure your cardstock arrives undamaged. Ideal for home, school, office and professional use
  • THE ULTIMATE CHOICE FOR A VARIETY OF USES: Perfect for Wedding Invitations, Baby Showers, Birthday Wishes, Awards, Brochures, Marketing Materials, Thank You Cards, Graduation, Retirement, Restaurant Menus and more